Wyższa Szkoła Administracji Publicznej w Białymstoku

The Bialystok School of Public Administration is the only educational institution in the North – Eastern region of Poland, which guarantees providing both theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the public administrator’s daily duties.

The School was founded by the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy in Warsaw in October of 1996 as a non-profit, self-financing and self-governing academic institution.

Our mission is to educate modern and professional managers of public and business administration according to international standards. One of the main subjects of research is in the area of public administration reform issues, such as the development and achievements of the reform, the legal and theoretical aspects of public administration functioning, and its ethical framework and public sector management.

The Bialystok School of Public Administration cooperate with many scientific, academic centres and international organisations in the whole of Europe, organise international seminars and conferences with the participation of the professors from the national and foreign universities, the experts on public administration.

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